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Green terraces

Green Terraces Waterproofing – Exceptional Results

Choose with confidence Procas Expert Construct and you will benefit from green terraces waterproofing work at the highest standards of quality. Our company is continuously developing since we diversify our products and services permanently in order to offer optimal solutions for our clients. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these green terraces and at the same time to benefit from the strengths of the work executed by our team.

However, for an aesthetic beauty, you definitely need our services in green terraces waterproofing. Waterproofing work is realized with membranes that are based on bitumen. We adapt perfectly to our clients’ demands and we take into account the building aspects in order to ensure the sustainability and high resistance over time. If until now you thought it was a very expensive option, you would be surprised to find that things are not as you thought. Green terraces waterproofing is not a luxury that you can’t afford. On the contrary, this type of waterproofing represents an accessible option that brings innovation in your home. Simultaneously these green terraces provide you a friendly and ecologic environment that is easy to maintain. By using intensive and extensive natural vegetation you can feel in your home just as pleasant as in the middle of the nature.

Procas Expert Construct provides green terraces waterproofing work at high standards of quality based on one system that is efficient and guarantees exceptional results. Waterproofing layers solve the problem of humidity and provide the possibility to breathe the fresh air of the morning surrounded by the vegetation that stream freshness and good mood. Furthermore, we ensure you that the terrace structure is highly durable, flexible, very resistant with roots and permeable for the vapors. The terrace structure utilizes actively the areas of the roofs. Consequently, for each type of roof we designed a smart system to use the resources in order to bring nature closer to your home.

The team from Procas Expert Construct deals with green terraces waterproofing projects and assures a green environment full of freshness where you can enjoy your morning coffee together with the beloved ones.

Visit with confidence our website and benefit right now from the countless strength provided by these green terraces. We are experts in the fittings of green terraces and we are proud to see that our work is meeting even the most exigent expectations. Our clients’ thanks are the best proof in this regard and these thanks are giving us the trust that the future will be at least as bright as the past.

First, you have a major advantage regarding the maintenance and the costs related to the energy. Secondly, thermal resistance improves the energy efficiency while the costs are diminishing more and more and the expenses will be recovered in a very short time by reducing the costs. Consequently, you will be able to see that this green terraces waterproofing become the most ecologic and the best option that you can choose. Moreover, all the materials that we are using help with the environmental protection to a large extent and bring for you a guaranteed success. Now you have all the benefits to call our team in order to benefit from professional solutions realized at the highest standards of quality by our skilled experts.

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