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Screed Floor Correctly Done – The Resistant Structure of the Construction

In order to provide efficiency for any construction you need surely to cast a scraper that forms a protective layer that is absolutely necessary. This screed floor is utilized over the slabs with the aim to equalize the surface or to incline it into the leaks directions, depending on each situation. The screed floor is actually a material based on cement that is used especially as a support layer for finishes. It has a consistency softer than the concrete and it is applied by using special machinery in order to clamp and to finish the screed floor at a high precision. We are using only high quality materials and we offer only qualified work regardless the complexity of your project. We prepare very quickly the material by using very clean sand that dries easily and then we model the sand.

These screed floor represent resistant materials those are used for terraces and balconies waterproofing, but not only, having a large area of usage. Depending on each construction, a certain type of screed floor is needed. Due to this, the screed floor for inclined surfaces is that one that not allows water-retention on the terrace, while the screed floor for equalization ensures a protection layer and support for finishes in those terraces circulated. Moreover, the screed floor for equalization is eliminated it the client chooses floor tiles. In order to mix and to pump the prepared screed special equipment is used and the entire work is accomplished with the windows and doors closed. During the execution of the screed floor it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature of the air inside. Our team offers maximum precision, taking into account the European standards and following the steps necessary to provide amazing results.

Procas Expert Construct executes works that are highly qualitative with the help of a professional team and implement also innovative solutions. We are always available to accomplish your need. Consequently, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will come immediately at the indicated place in order to establish a plan that guarantees your success.

These screed floors are absolutely indispensable to benefit from a durable further arrangement and your comfort. Water infiltration can cause various problems and due to this we must pay special attention to the waterproofing work. Our company offers support to our clients with new solutions using screed based on cement, screeds that are used especially to waterproof balconies, terraces, bathrooms, showers, before applying ceramic tiles.

These screeds are mounted very carefully and the benefits are on long term. They guarantee the peace and the safety that you need. The materials used for this mix have countless properties and the most important that we may mention including: durable waterproofing, excellent workability, high capacity to cover fissures even at low temperatures.

Our company is always where you need because the team from Procas Expert Construct represents a real support when you need them. Having a rich experience in the field, our team manages to offer the best solutions for every situation. For more information just contact us. Our experts will answer with professionalism to all your questions in the shortest time.

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