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Bituminous membranes

Bituminous membranes – Irreproachable products

Procas Expert Construct comes to support our clients with a large offer bituminous membranes in order to give the highest degree of functionality to your projects. Our team of experts is formed by engineers and workers selected very carefully. Both engineers and workers have a large experience in this field and this is the reason for which nothing can stop us to reach the success. We always answer very promptly to all demands and to all those who call with confidence on our services since we want to reach even the expectations of our most demanding clients.

Our company is nowadays in a full process of development since we want to be always with one step ahead of the other companies that provide similar products on the market. Consequently, we implement in our projects last generation technologies. Moreover, during our daily activities we dedicate completely to satisfy our customers’ expectations and demands by providing professionalism and seriousness in every project.

Procas Expert Construct is your trustworthy ally when we speak about bituminous membranes. Due to this, you can always count on our services because we are always there when somebody needs us. The experience that we acquired during the time helps us to overcome any obstacle that may show up during a certain project. Moreover, we are trying always to delight our customers in the best way possible due to the superior quality of the products that we are selling. Besides, with our company you may find the best ratio between quality and costs and you can enjoy a secure success.

Choose bituminous membranes from Procas Expert Construct because these bituminous membranes provide the highest level of quality and we guarantee that you will be completely pleased with your investment in this kind of bituminous membranes. They are ideals for waterproofing since they are produced based on modified bitumen combined with fiberglass or polyester reinforcement. These bituminous membranes are products absolutely necessary for an exceptional work. These membranes are utilized to prevent water infiltration inside the elements and components used in different types of constructions, roofs, terraces, foundations, restoration of waterproofing on the terraces of old buildings, but also to build new waterproofing non-circulated or circulated.

Before taking the final decision regarding the bituminous membranes, you must pay the deserved attention to the complexity of the work where you propose to use these products. It is necessary to choose that membrane that fits to every project. According to the surface that you intend to isolate, you should buy the products that fit the best with your necessities.

Consequently, it is important to be aware that there are more types of bituminous membranes available: bituminous membranes with fiberglass reinforcement or bituminous membranes non-woven polyester reinforcement. Those membranes with fiberglass reinforcement are used only for those works where the waterproofing is made in double layers or multi-layer. On the other hand, bituminous membranes having polyester reinforcement are used both for one layer and multi-layer work, these works having easy, medium or high complexity. These membranes are absolutely perfect when you must isolate plane or curved roofs, metal halls, different foundations or hydro technic work.

Bituminous membranes are used to realize superior quality waterproofing, these membranes being at the same time a practical and economic modality. Waterproofing based on bituminous membranes satisfies the expectations of our clients and provide to them the security that they need. Moreover, these membranes have the role to provide the highest level of protection during the construction, providing the guarantee that you can benefit from their efficiency for a very long time.

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